Udo Bayer

Carl Laemmle. Von Laupheim nach Hollywood

Die Biographie des Universal-GrĂ¼nders in Bildern und Dokumenten

Language: German, English
128 pages, hardcover
180 illustrations
ISBN: 978-3-95565-083-4
Publication date: 2017
24.90 €

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From Laupheim to Hollywood. The biography of the founder of the Universal Studios

In 2015, Universal City in Hollywood celebrates its 100th birthday. Its founder was Carl Laemmle, a german Jew who came from Laupheim in Württemberg and emigrated to America.
In this book, important parts of his life are illuminated through pictures and documents. Laemmle was a pioneer of the film industry in its turbulent beginnings as well as a part of the building of film production on the West Coast of America.
Both the First World War and the inter war period were important stages in the history of his firm. Laemmle, benevolent with a friendly smile was a successful businessman because of his determination and persistence. His life motto was: “it can be done”. After 1933 he was engaged, like almost no others, with saving Jewish refugees from Europe.

With a preface by Wolfgang Jacobsen 


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