Reinhard Frost

Hermann Wallich

A Banker in Paris, Shanghai and Berlin

Translation: Jeremy Gaines
Language: English
94 pages, softcover
14 illustrations
ISBN: 978-3-95565-215-9
Publication date: 2017
9.90 €

Jewish Miniatures Vol. 193A

Hermann Wallich (1833–1928) was a leading figure in helping shape the fortunes of Deutsche Bank for almost 25 years and supported it in becoming the largest credit institution in the country. He was predestined for this role. Hermann Wallich was born into an established Jewish family in the Rhineland.
At an early age he became acquainted with the international banking business. His path took him from Paris to Réunion, Shanghai and Yokohama. So he was already an acknowledged expert on the overseas market when monetary expert Ludwig Bamberger recruited him for the new Deutsche Bank. The primary business of the institute was to provide financing for foreign trade, particularly overseas. Wallich consented and found his vocation.

Reinhard Frost

Germanistik- und Geschichtsstudium in Frankfurt am Main. Seit 1996 Mitarbeiter im Historischen Institut der Deutschen Bank. Publikationen u.a.: „Max Steinthal – Bankier, Kunstsammler, Berliner“ (gemeinsam mit Monika Tatzkow), „Die Deutsche Bank und ihr Privatkunden­geschäft“, „100 Jahre Deutsche Bank an Rhein und Ruhr“.