Deborah Sharon Abeles DESSA

The Art of Remembrance: Alice Salomon

Die Kunst des Gedenkens: Alice Salomon

Language: German, English
112 pages, hardcover
27 illustrations
ISBN: 978-3-95565-293-7
Publication date: 2018
20.00 €

Exiled from Germany in 1937, Alice Salomon died in New York, alone, in August 1948. The same year in December, DESSA was born Deborah Sharon Abeles in Southern Rhodesia, today Zimbabwe. 
Social reformer, educator, feminist, economist and peace activist, Alice Salomon (1876–1948) founded the Social School for Women in Berlin in 1908. She wrote 28 professional books and over 500 articles and yet is relatively unknown outside the circle of social studies. 
DESSA uses various techniques to create a tangible approach to Alice Salomon’s intensive and extensive life: paintings, collages, objects, installations and an imaginary conversation together form a thorough narrative.

With contributions by DESSA, Dr. Adriane Feustel and Dr. Petra Lange.

„How does one share the joy of discovering a remarkable historical figure, Alice Salomon, who inspired so many others and yet who has been relegated to the past? How can one reactivate her many interests, activities and accomplishments, and to do so in a way that brings her to life and carries forward the questions she raised into the present? These are some of the objectives that Dessa, the creator of this work, committed herself to explore. The result is a wonderful book full of surprises and unique in its approach.”  Adrienne Chambon

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