Ina Schaum

Being Jewish (and) in Love

Two and a Half Stories about Jews, Germans and Love

Sprache: Englisch
136 Seiten, Klappenbroschur
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ISBN: 978-3-95565-380-4
Erschienen: 2020
19,90 €

What does it mean to be in search of love as a young Jewish adult in Germany? How are closeness and distance experienced, negotiated and shaped in romantic encounters? In which contexts could it matter if the other person is Jewish? In the book, the author discusses these questions with the help of two stories of young Jewish adults. Based on biographical interviews, the author gives an insight into the complexity of the social, emotional and biographical dimensions that are negotiated with the desire for a love relationship. Interwoven with this, the author uses autoethnographic fragments to reflect her own history and positioning as non-Jewish majority German and the ethical questions that arise for her research and writing.

With a Preface by Eva Lezzi

“Her interviews and analyses are in a rare way empathic and self-exposing, sensitive and knowledgeable at the same time. […] The book not only evokes the present age of the interviewees, but of us readers, too, and in a very specific way of the author’s own generation. It does so in a highly inspiring way, offering an echo sounder for ‘feeling rules’ and emotional manifestations in a still complex web of relationships between ‘Germans’ and ‘Jews’!” Eva Lezzi

Ina Schaum

is a sociologist based in Frankfurt/Main. Currently, she works on her dissertation project
about narrations about love of young Jewish adults. She is a fellow of Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich
Studienwerk. She works as a volunteer in a project for Shoah survivors, and is co-founder of the working group “Love, Emotions, and Intimacies” at Goethe University.