Gabriele Goldfuß, Andrea Lorz, Sven Trautmann

Eva Wechsberg

The century life of a Jewish woman from Leipzig

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Eva Wechsberg, born in 1922 in Leipzig, experienced anti-Semitism as a child, as well as the seizure of power by the Nazis and their racist fanaticism. She witnessed synagogues being burned during the November Pogrom and was able to escape the Shoah just in time by fleeing to the USA in 1939. A new life began. She married, became a mother, was actively involved in her local Jewish community and led a fulfilled life. And yet a longing for her home city remained.

Eva Wechsberg is not a famous philosopher, a well-known writer or a great scientist, and yet her life of almost 100 years shows impressively how one can still believe in life and in the goodness in people even after experiencing terrible things. What is more, her life story also tells us a piece of the history of Leipzig and its Jewish community.

With epilogues by Bernd-Lutz Lange and Eva Wechsberg

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