Tina Frühauf, Louis Lewandowski Festival (Hg.)

Salomon Sulzer

Reformer, Cantor, Icon

Sprache: Englisch
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ISBN: 978-3-942271-87-5
Erschienen: 2012
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Jewish Miniatures, Volume 133A

Salomon Sulzer (1804–1890) was the first chazzan in modern Europe to captivate audiences with his extraordinary musical, intellectual, and charismatic attributes. He was an authority in his community and a center of attraction in the general musical life of his time. The influences of his musical and social contributions are still being felt in today's Jewish music world. As Obercantor at Vienna’s City Temple, he developed a moderate reform of the liturgy and synagogue music, balancing the traditional and the modern in compliance with Jewish law. As part of his reforms, Sulzer began to produce a significant repertoire of Jewish liturgical music that is still heard today in many liberal and conservative synagogues. Sulzer also newly defined the position for the chazzan, drawing attention to vocal technique. Blessed with an excellent voice, Sulzer also made a name for himself as an interpreter and composer of secular music. Sulzer embodies the renewal of Judaism.

Tina Frühauf

ist Privatdozentin für Musikwissenschaft an der Columbia University und am Graduate Center, CUNY, in New York sowie leitende Redakteurin bei Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale. Ihre Bücher „Orgel und Orgelmusik in deutsch-jüdischer Kultur“ und „Salomon Sulzer: Reformer, Kantor, Kultfigur“ sind in deutscher und englischer Sprache erschienen. „Dislocated Memories: Jews, Music, and German-Jewish Culture” ist Preisträger des Ruth A. Solie Awards 2015.

Louis Lewandowski Festival

World Festival of Synagogal Music